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In Need Foundation

In need foundation (INF) is a trusted not for profit foundation based in Adelaide, South Australia dedicated to helping address extreme levels of poverty in Afghanistan through humanitarian relief, development assistance and up-skilling.

Since 2022 INF has committed to delivering separate projects inside Afghanistan using a diverse group of on the ground employees and volunteers that have a strong understanding of the country and the social and economic disadvantage experienced by vulnerable people.

INF uses a range of timely, practical, sustainable and cost-efficient ways to deliver these projects to vulnerable Afghans making a significant difference in their lives. You can contribute to the cause by:

  • Attending a local fundraising event
  • Providing a donation
  • Inquire about a sponsorship package

A diverse multi-ethnic


Afghanistan is a diverse multi-ethnic country that is landlocked and located in South-Eastern Asia. Afghanistan shares a border with Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China and is predominately mountainous with plains in the north and the south that is separated by the Hindu Kush mountain range.


Afghanistan’s shape has been compared to a leaf, of which the Wakhan Corridor rests high in the Pamir’s, forming the stem. The outstanding geographic feature of Afghanistan is the Hindu Kush mountain plains. These central high plains form part of the Himalayans which include the Hindu Kush range.


Partial national census has been conducted in Afghanistan’s diverse ethnic groups since 2014 making it impossible to know the accurate population and ethnic count, Nontheless, Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country made up of ethnic Pashtun’s, Tajik’s, Hazara’s, Uzbek’s, Aimaq, Pashai, Qizilbash, Turkman and more.

The people of Afghanistan also orm a complex mosaic of linguistic groups. Pashto and the Faris (Persian) dialect oof Dari are the official languages of the country.

The overwhelming majority of Afghan’s are Muslims and follow the various branches of Islam including Sunni Hanafi Mathab, Shia, Ismaelie and Sufi. Other religions practices in Afghanistan in much smaller groups are Judaism, Buddism and Sikhism.

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