Humanitarian Crises

Emergency Aid packages

Afghanistan is currently experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises with an estimated 3.2 million Afghan children and babies suffering from acute malnutrition and 8.7 million Afghans facing alarming rates of hunger and starvation this winter.
INF Emergency Aid Packages consist of food, water, medicine and/or shelter. You can assist by purchasing an emergency aid package to save a life.

Package levels:
• $20 – Emergency assistance to ensure their survival.
• $40 – Clean water and food to ensure their survival.
• $130 – Clean water, food, shelter and medicine for ONE person to survival OVER 6 months.
• $400 – Clean water, food, shelter and medicine for THREE people to survive OVER 6 months.
• $1,300 – Clean water, food, shelter and medicine for TWO FAMILIES to survive OVER 6 months.


Health Care Facilities

Emergency Medical Aid Packages

Afghanistan’s current Health Care system is on the brink of collapse with an alarming rate of Afghans being denied access to primary health care such as caesarean sections and trauma care. Only 17% of the 2,300 health care facilities remain functional and but face severe overcrowding and lack essential medicines and medical supply’s. An alarming number of health care workers have not been paid wages since The Taliban Takeover and many women have ceased their employment resulting in under staffing as many healthcare workers move on in search of other forms of employment to survive.

INF Emergency Medical Aid Packages assist the most vulnerable by providing medicine, medical equipment, travel expenses to obtain medical intervention elsewhere and sponsorship of medical units and wings.

Package levels:
• $25 – Emergency medication to ensure their survival.
• $40 – Emergency medical aids to ensure their survival.
• $150 – Emergency surgery.
• $500 – Travel expenses for medical intervention elsewhere


Early Intervention

Family and/or Orphan Sponsorship packages

Prior to the Taliban Takeover 9,319 children were housed in orphanages across Afghanistan, however that number has reduced down to 3,566 with many children being sold off or sent away. Of the 68 publicly and privately owned orphanages, 26 of those have shut down due to economic crisis. Adding to the crisis is the drastic reduction in adoption and foster family applications leaving orphans and family’s that can no longer take care of their children is extremely difficult circumstances.

INF provides assistance to orphanages to ensure their survival and provides 6 monthly family sponsorship packages as early intervention support to prevent family’s from having to give up their children.
Package levels:
• $23 – monthly orphan sponsorship
• $600 – 6 monthly family sponsorship
• $600 – once off payment to Orphanage


Business Growth

Micro-Loan scheme [coming in 2023]

INF Provides several interest free Micro-Loan’s to suitable candidates using a rigorous application method which they are supported to access to assist them in beginning their own business. The program equips loan receivers with business plans, business growth skills, mentoring and peer support programs.

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